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A worker bee collecting pollen.  Can you see the collection on her hind legs?

Honey is a natural resource of almost infinite variety. The color, aroma, and flavor of a particular honey depends on the nectar source. Blueberry honey, for example, tastes entirely different from honey made by bees who feed on alfalfa.


Honey colors range from clear to amber to molasses-colored. One honey may smell like lemons, another like chamomile tea. 

Down the Lane Farm's honey comes from bees in Killingworth, CT that feed on the local nectar. Our honey can range from golden yellow and clear to a dark amber color - always with a delicate flavor.

Pictured above is a swarm up in a tree. The Queen is in the middle. The worker bees are protecting her until they find a new hive.

SEE A SWARM? No worries! We have a team of beekeepers in place to help you with that. Give us a call at 203-619-397 6. 

Pure, unpasteurized honey, and all natural soaps, and skin care products.

Better for you than table sugar

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Nature's Sweetener

Pure, unpasteurized honey. What could be more natural?

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